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PostSubject: About us - Team Mercury 4   About us - Team Mercury 4 EmptyWed Sep 10, 2008 4:09 pm

We, the founding fathers of this great team, started this Team on september 10th of 2008.
We are all very experienced players when it comes to SWAT4.
In alphabetical order we are Lake, Rasa, Scout and Timbo.

Why do we call ourselves team Mercury?
Well the explanation is simple.
Mercury is a liquid metal and we tend to play a liquid element. This means we try to adapt to each and any situation. We strike tactically but hard.

Our tags: Hg4. We use this tag because Hg stands for Mercury(or quicksilver if you want) and the 4 stands for the 4 founders of this team.
Hg stands for the Latin Hydrargyrum which contains the elements Hydro(water) and argentum(silver). In some languages mercury is translateted to "kwik" which is related to the word quik in ancient saxon and ment active or alive. We feel that we are a very active team and try to keep it like that in any way possible, both on the forum and in our gameplay.

The Leadership
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About us - Team Mercury 4
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